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49ers' QB Colin Kaepernick ends his protest

Last year, 49ers' QB Colin Kaepernick took a stand against police violence and civil rights violations, deciding that he would kneel during the national anthem before every game. There was a split reaction to it, with some people supporting him and others saying he should not be disrespectful.

What are some examples of police misconduct?

The police are here to protect you and uphold the laws. They are intended to be public servants who help to make the world a safer place. While there are many officers who do this, some stray far outside of this job description, violating the rights of citizens. Since police are in authority, people sometimes don't even realize that they too are bound by the law and can be prosecuted for breaking it.

How to protect your rights at a protest

Your right to peacefully demonstrate for a cause is guaranteed by the Constitution. You have the right to free speech. But occasionally, when an issue is front and center and may even be a protest against the police, rights can be trampled on. Tempers can flare and violence may break out; police officers may begin making arrests or using crowd control measures, including the illegal use of force.

What is police misconduct?

Upholding the law is an important job, and most police officers take their responsibility very seriously. In order to do that job, officers are given a certain amount of leeway in making sure that they are able to bring those suspected of crimes to justice. But although police are supposed to be "the good guys," their methods can sometimes be questionable, which can lead to allegations of police misconduct.

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