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You were in an accident with a commercial truck. Now what?

Your accident involving a commercial truck was the realization of your worst nightmare. The driver to this day cannot explain why he didn't stop and the company has no good explanation as to why they hired him. You are one of the lucky ones who survived.

What not to do immediately after a car accident

You've gone your whole life without getting into a car accident, but everyone's luck runs out sometime. Sooner or later you'll find yourself sitting behind the wheel, stunned, a split second after impact, shaken up and wondering what to do. While contacting your insurance company and calling your family or friends are both good ideas, it's very important to know what not to do.

How safe are tour and charter buses?

A recent and devastating tour bus and large truck crash near Palm Springs has undoubtedly made you stop and think about road safety. Thirteen people were killed in the accident and dozens more were injured. Back in August, a charter bus crashed in central California, killing five people and injuring others.

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